Updates from November 2013

Forced Evictions Campaign

  • BRAZIL – WITNESS’ forced evictions video curation project was featured by MobLab in their newsletter and blog as a campaigning highlight of the month.
  • GLOBAL/BRAZIL – WITNESS has hired São Paulo-based consulting firm PlanPP to conduct the evaluation of our forced evictions campaign per our agreement with the Adessium Foundation. The process has begun with a review of global campaign materials, which will be followed by interviews with partners and other key stakeholders; the final report is expected for February 2014.

Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit

Outreach continued on the “Evict Them! In 5 Easy Steps” animation and the Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit. As of November 30, the English version of the animation received 25,712 views. On November 5th the animation was featured on Upworthy, which resulted a boost of nearly 14,000 views in one day. The animation was also featured in the Daily DoGooder. The total views for all of the languages is 37,894.

All eight-language versions of the Forced Evictions Toolkit are now available for download on witness.org. We are in ongoing conversations with partners in Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Italy and Mexico to determine how the Forced Evictions Toolkit can best be integrated into their work. In early December, the engagement team will send out the first of several FE Toolkit newsletters to a list of 130 housing rights and land rights contacts.